Tell us what you think about working at Paul Sadler for your chance to win 2 gold class movie tickets. 

The Swim Instructors Association has launched a survey to give you the opportunity to provide feedback to bargaining representatives about your working conditions and how we can make working at PSSL better.

Complete the survey, including contact details, for your chance to win 2 gold class movie tickets to be drawn on 10 January 2017.
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Your date of birth?

What level are classified at?

What is your rate of pay? (the actual rate paid per hour)

How long have you worked at PSSL?

How important is it that the next agreement include the minimum penalty rates for working on weekends?

The minimum penalty rate (legal rate) for Swim Instructors is 1.25 times (weekday rate) for Saturdays and 1.5 times for Sundays

Do you think youth wages are fair?

Youth wages allow the company to pay employees less based on their age. E.g a 16yr old is paid 55% of what a 20yr old receives for doing the same work. Do you think this is fair?

Do you feel that the business pays you fairly for the work you perform?

Many have raised concerns that PSSL charge swimmers very high prices yet instructors are paid only a small fraction of the income received.

For example an Instructor who teaches a lesson of 5 students paying $22 (per half hour) brings in $110 for PSSL. The instructor receives less than $15 for that lesson.

What is the most important issue that you want to see resolved in the upcoming workplace agreement negotiations?

What other issues do you think are important for bargaining representatives to consider when negotiating the next workplace agreement?

Thanks for completing the survey!

All responses will be kept in confidence.

We will be drawing the winner of the 2 gold class movie tickets on January 10 2017 and will advise the winner shortly thereafter.

Please pass on to friends and colleagues working at PSSL to make sure everyone has their say in making PSSL a better place to work.
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